Experiencing highs and lows in life is inevitable, especially as a Christian. Venturing through the mountains and valleys while we listen for, carry out, and abide by the purpose God has called us to is no easy task; in fact, it is downright brutal. But when we encounter the God of the Universe personally and intimately in the secret place of our hearts, something clicks.

Hi there! My name is Cayla and I would like to start by saying thank you for stopping by! My heart for this blog is to take you on an adventure and perhaps inspire you by sharing my story of a perfectly imperfect life made beautiful by my Beloved King.

I was born and raised smack-dab in the middle of Missouri, USA. I love coffee, music, border collies, people, travel, and Jesus. An aspiring worship leader, my desire is to serve the Lord with my life through full time music ministry.

My heavenly Father has blessed me with so much and I am washed in His abounding love and mercy every day.

I pray that I am able to encourage and reach out to each and every one of you in some aspect of my writing.

Until next time,

— C